Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lunch with avocado and roasted peppers wrap!

Today I had to think of a lunch I could pack up and go easily without fuss but without either compromising the quality flavor and nutrition of my meal.

Therefore I mashed up an avocado I had in the fridge, added a spoonful of tahini, a little fresh onion, quite a lot of lemon, salt and pepper and a touch of cumin.

Meanwhile I through a couple of bell peppers in the oven and roasted them for 10-15 min after lightly sprinkling them with a few drops of olive oil.

I then covered a large Arabic pita with a layer of the avocado mixture. I topped it up with pieces of my roasted peppers and some freshly cut coriander and cherry tomatoes. I spread thinly cut lettuce on top of everything and wrapped it in a cylinder.

And VOILA!! A tasty, nutritious wrap to grab and go!

*This would also taste exceptionally in Paphitiki pitta!
*Pretty much any vegetable would be perfect to add to this wrap (a version I tried once with mashed green peas was very filling and tasty)

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